Designerex considers the health, safety and well-being of all our users, including both Renters and Lenders, of paramount priority.

Designerex has introduced certain health and safety guidelines but these measures cannot eliminate all risk.

While we hope these guidelines are helpful, you should also continue to monitor and follow all local and national recommendations and restrictions.

Cleaning of All Garments

All garments must be cleaned through a professional Dry Cleaner, prior to sending to a Renter.

It is possible that many viruses may be killed during the cleaning process, due to high temperatures and detergents used. For more info regarding the COVID-19 outbreak within the Dry Cleaning industry, please visit

Delivery Instead of Pick-Up Where Possible

We recommend, where possible, that as a Renter you request Delivery instead of Pick-Up.

Social Distancing if Picking Up

We highly recommend that if you are picking up a Dress, both Renter and Lender adhere to a physical distance of a minimum 1.5 metres, and that the Pick-Up is contactless.