Tracking numbers are essential for all postage bookings, allowing both Lenders and Renters to track their dress at every step of the way, as well as provide the Designerex Team with the necessary details to ensure that the booking went ahead as expected, with timely delivery to the Renter.

To enter a tracking number into your reservation, please login to your Designerex account > visit your Dashboard (by hovering over your profile picture) > click the Lending tab and you should notice an option to submit Tracking Numbers into the specific booking requiring a tracking number.

Once entered, the Designerex platform does the rest for you. It notifies You and your Renter when the dress is in transit and at each time the parcel is scanned, as well as notifying you as a Lender, once the Return journey of the dress commences.

To ensure ease and timeliness of the Return of your dress, we encourage you to enclose a pre-filled Return satchel with your dress. This ensures your Renter can easily place your dress back in the post, and you have all the return details and tracking number to monitor it’s return to you.  

If you are unsure of any details or would like to double confirm shipping addresses, please Message your Renter without delay.