You can only get a Promo Code in the following 3 ways:

1) You have received one from Designerex™ or one of it's Preferred Partners, as part of a special promotion; or

2) A friend has invited you to Join designerex™ and has given you their code; or

3) You have invited a friend and have earned a Promo Code.

You must first Join designerex™ (it's free to Join) or ensure you are signed in, before you can use a Promo Code at checkout. 

If you are an existing designerex™ member and would like to get a Promo Code, simply click Invite Friends in your dashboard, or in the footer of most pages.

You will then receive your own unique link and Promo Code.

Share this link and give your friends your Promo Code. This will give them $10 off selected dresses and earn you $10 off selected dresses, after they rent their first dress.