Listing your designer dress is free and can be done in 4 easy steps.

Ensure you are signed in and then click 'List Your Dress' at the top of the page. Once you Publish the listing, you will be able to view and edit the listing in Your Listings in your Dashboard.


How much should I advertise my dress for?

You are always in complete control of how much you offer your dress for. The designerex™ platform provides you with an instant Rental Estimate in step 2 of the listing process, but the final price is up to you. 

There is also a free Rental Estimate tool that is available for you at any time. Sometimes Lenders may also browse other comparable listings, to get an idea of market Rental Price for specific outfits. 

What photos should I upload?

Our community of Renters prefer impeccably presented photos of your designer dress and ones that showcase it in its best light. Try to upload a full length photo of the front and back of the dress as well as any photos that show specific detail on the dress.

The following photos are acceptable:

  • Photos of you wearing the dress at your event
  • Clean, well lit photos 
  • Professional photos (you should only use photos that you own, or have a licence to use, and you should not use professional photos which are owned by third parties who have not authorised you to use these photos).

The following photos are unacceptable:

  • Photos with multiple people in it. This is confusing for Renters to know which dress is actually available
  • Photos of your dress on a coat hanger, floor, rack etc.
  • Photos of the same dress but in a different colour
  • Photos of a similar style 
  • Photos in relation to which you do not own copyright, or where you do not have a licence to use the photos
  • Photos that have been taken from websites of third parties (such as designers), where you have not been authorised or licenced by those third parties to use their photos