Payouts to Lenders will be made approximately 7 business days after the last day of the renting period, and this can vary during peak periods. 

This period allows time for your item to return to you, and then for our technology and team to resolve any queries or disputes lodged by either party from during or post the agreed booking. This ensures a streamlined, scaled approach to processing bookings efficiently and in one instance. 

Your Payout date may be extended or your booking may be placed on hold if:

  1. We receive an enquiry or dispute from your Renter
  2. There is a delivery issue, such as, your tracking reflects a delivery date to your Renter that is after the rental commencement date, tracking details are missing or there are no tracking updates at all, or any other issue which does not reflect a timely delivery to your Renter
  3. Your Bank Details have not been entered or they are incorrect.

Lenders are notified when bookings have been processed via email.

Please contact Customer Support at if you have any queries on your Booking or Payout

Updated for Bookings Accepted After 16 April 2024.